Your Care Journey

Everyone has a different care journey and because of this our advice and planning services are personalised for you and your family

Supporting your Care Journey

We understand that everyone is different, although many of the questions are often the same! What is the right care? How much will it cost? Where can I get help? When can I go home? Why can’t I go home?  Whether you have an immediate need for care or are planning for the future we will make sure that you have the right benefits in place and are not paying for care that you shouldn’t be, we can help you to get the right care and support, fill in benefit forms, apply for a Power of Attorney and make financial plans for yourself and your loved ones.

Finding good care

Moving into a Care Home

Worried about leaving someone alone?

Losing a loved one


Finding good care

Daniel had been told by the Hospital that his Wife would need to move into a Care Home.

“I was devastated and had no idea what to do but when the Nurse said to speak to you and you would help me not only find somewhere but understand how it was going to be paid for, it was a blessed relief.” - Daniel

Moving into a Care Home

Sarah was worried about her Mum and wanted help finding the right care at home.

“We hadn’t had to do this before and Mum was adamant she didn’t need any help because we were there” “Once she had met you, she seemed happier that we weren’t going to take over or put her in a home and she was more open to the idea.” - Sarah

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Worried about leaving someone alone?

Sebastian was working full time and worried about leaving his father alone at home because he had fallen.

“I didn’t know what on earth to do, terrified Dad would fall while I was out but needing to work was so hard, I felt guilty leaving him but didn’t have a choice” “I didn’t think of myself as a Carer. Thank you for your advice it has made such a difference to both of us!” - Sebastian

Losing a loved one

When Stella’s dear friend died she admitted that she was lonely.

“Sadness doesn’t really explain it. I was lost, we had been friends for so long. I wasn’t sure what life had in store for me, if anything and I hated being old but wasn’t ready to give up.” - Stella

We were able to help Stella become more involved in her community and she now runs the Hospital café and a volunteer group for bereaved ladies of a certain age!

It may be that you don’t have time to organise care for a loved one or are struggling with the jargon,  not sure who should pay  or how it will be paid for.  Making sure that care and support is appropriate and affordable from the beginning can provide peace of mind and avoid disruption later on. Getting answers to the who pays?  while choosing care is vital to ensure continuity of care. Care Navigators can help you make sure you are making good care decisions while considering how that care will be paid for and what help is appropriate for you and your family.

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