This ‘Code of Good Practice’ supports and reflects the standards of the Care Advice Framework and gives a guide to the values, behaviour and conduct that are expected of care advisers and those listed on the Care Map Directory and/or Care Navigators Ltd website.

At all times, service providers will;

  • Treat people with respect and dignity in a non-judgemental manner
  • Work to National and organisational policies for confidentiality and safeguarding
  • Comply with data protection and health and safety requirements
  • Complying with all associated regulatory and legal requirements relating to the specific nature of the service provided.
Prior to engagement service providers will;
  • Provide accessible interview facilities and adequate systems for responding to enquiries
  • Identify and work to overcome communication barriers and individual need
  • Ensure provision of appropriate equipment for engaging in a full and open interview
  • Explain any associated costs and restrictions of engagement.
During engagement, service providers will;
  • Behave in a welcoming, polite, and professional manner, giving clients full attention
  • Explain role and boundary of the service provided
  • Identify a need for other appropriate professional services
  • Collect and assess information needed to clarify key issues, priorities, goals, and information needs.
  • Understand how to put person – centred values into practice considering; Individuality, independence, privacy, partnerships, choice, respect, and rights.
  • Understand the importance of history, circumstances, wishes, needs, preferences and risks.
  • Use a clear, non-jargon easy to understand way to explain information
  • Identify communication barriers and when insufficient information prevents proper diagnosis to assist clients
  • Offer only relevant information and advice, consider privacy and confidentiality
  • Summarise agreed further actions, close interview and provide a summary of interaction keeping client updated.
  • Meet the standards in a lawful, safe, and effective way being mindful of a client’s well
Post engagement service providers will;
  • Provide a summary of contact, any further action agreed upon and outline any associated cost/restrictions.
  • Keep client informed of any further action
  • Provide appropriate and safe storage for record keeping