Claiming Attendance Allowance
Claiming Attendance Allowance

Claiming Attendance Allowance

March 2022

Attendance Allowance is a tax free, non-means tested benefit administered by Disability and Carers Service for the Department of Works and Pensions for someone who suffers from an illness/disability and has care and/or supervision needs.   

To qualify you must over state pension age when applying, satisfy the residency rules and have the right to reside in Great Britain.

You must have had a need for at least 6 months and expect to have needs for at least another 6 months OR claim under special rules if you are terminally ill.

Attendance Allowance may be awarded at one of two rates:

These are 2022/23 rates. Please see the Attendance Allowance Guide or Benefit Rates Card in the library for up to date rates.

Higher rate – £92.40 per week for a Day and Night-time need

Lower rate –  £61.85 per week for a Day or Night-time need

It is not about what is wrong with you but what help you need, you do not have to have a medical diagnosis to be eligible for Attendance Allowance.

It can be paid whether you have a carer in ‘attendance’ or not.

Attendance Allowance is paid at one of two rates, depending on WHEN you need the help DAY or NIGHT not how bad you are.

Day - you require from another person

a) frequent attention throughout the day in connection with your bodily functions, or
b) continual supervision throughout the day in order to avoid substantial danger to yourself or others.

Night - you require from another person

a) prolonged or repeated attention in connection with your bodily functions, or 
b) in order to avoid substantial danger to yourself or others, somebody to be awake for a prolonged period or at frequent intervals

To claim Attendance Allowance you will have to complete an application form, it is fairly simple but quite lengthy (28 pages). If the DWP needs any further information they can ask for it or if you can send in additional evidence of your disability or illness.

Try to keep it relevant to personal care and supervision needs. Do not overlook any Supervision needs. Is there a risk of harm? Falls? Evidence of supervision aids for example pendant alarms, Alexa reminders, Ring door bells, monitors.

Consider ALL bodily functions and include prompting, reminding and encouraging; seeing, hearing, breathing, reading, communication as well as the more commonly considered bathing, dressing, eating and toileting.  Describe frequency, variable or fluctuating is difficult to assign a level of frequency to, please try to explain what is usual or normal, most days and/or nights.

Housekeeping, shopping, driving, gardening are NOT personal care or supervision needs. Although difficulty completing these tasks may show other personal care related support need.


It is more often for a person to be receiving the lower rate for a daytime care or supervision need and for the additional need to be at night. Please bear in mind the criteria and remember the 6month qualifying period which applies to an upgrade application. A period of hospitalisation will be considered for the qualifying period but an upgrade or new application won’t be considered until a claimant is discharged.

Special Rules

For someone with a short life expectancy a medical practitioner (usually GP) completes DS1500. There is no need to complete the whole application form and qualifying period does not apply in these circumstances.

Attendance Allowance Video

How to fill in an Attendance Allowance form

Request a form – 0800 731 0122

If you would like some help to complete the form please Get In Touch.

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What People Say ...

Saved us nearly £200k
Saved us nearly £200k
SC, Leighton Buzzard
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“My Father had been admitted into Hospital many times over the last few years but until I spoke with Care Navigators no one had mentioned that he may have been discharged under the Mental Health Act. A Care Funding check and established that his care should have been paid for by the NHS and Local Authority for the last 5 years, saving us nearly £200’000”! I am so grateful."
It is a weight off my mind
It is a weight off my mind
JN, Buckingham
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"Before speaking to Care Navigators I had paid for my Wife’s care, I had no idea the NHS could pay and when it came through I was amazed. All £795 per week was paid, from 7 months ago. I couldn’t believe it. Just to say thank you so very much for all you have done. It is a weight of my mind!"
I didn't know my sister could get funding
I didn't know my sister could get funding
FH, Brackley
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“Until speaking with Care NavigatorsI had no idea my Sister could get a benefit for being disabled. She had some savings and I presumed we would have to pay for everything we needed. It has made such a difference to her, she uses it to pay for a cleaner and a gardener, which means I can get the shopping and go out.”
Finding Good Care
Finding Good Care
NM, Whitchurch
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“When my Mother fell and went into Hospital I wasn’t sure she would come out. Care Navigators helped me to find and arrange care for her to go home with, I wouldn’t have known where to start”.
I didn’t have the worry or stress
I didn’t have the worry or stress
SD, High Wycombe
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“Care Navigators knew all of the care providers in my area and I didn’t have the worry or stress of ringing round and not knowing what to ask” Dad is home with a live-in carer and we spend our time together instead of me running around and getting nowhere fast. Thank you”.
Can't thank you enough
Can't thank you enough
LK, Towcester
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“Wow! From beginning to end Care Navigatos helped me to understand what was happening, get the right assessments, find a care home and claim benefits that I didn’t know existed. I can’t thank you enough."
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