Who are we?

Care Navigators are experts in care and care funding and can help you arrange appropriate care, get the right assessments, make sure you have the right benefits and aren’t paying more than you should be for your care and support

Save time

Save money

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With years of experience helping people who have been confused and overwhelmed by the system.  Our ‘Care Navigators’ are Independent Social Workers, Financial Advisers, Care Consultants and Advocates, Solicitors and Support Brokers who can  save you time and money, with advice and support, help to fill in forms, we can also complete independent assessments and arrange good care.

These are some of the examples of when Care Navigators may be able to help:

  • Looking for care –  Whether this is for someone who is due to be discharged from hospital or living at home and just needs a little support our advice and support can help families find care for a loved one.
  • Thinking about moving into a care home –  There are so many things to consider, not least whether the time is right and where? Can you afford it? For how long? Can anyone help? Care funding advice is vital for continuity of care and making appropriate, affordable choices
  • Caring for a loved one – Need a break or feel that things are getting on top of you but not sure whether you trust anyone else to look after your loved one or if they will allow for that. Please don’t leave seeking advice  until you are exhausted and reach crisis point.
  • Paying for your own care –  Too often people pay for their care when they shouldn’t be because of a misunderstanding of the rules or relying on advice from someone who is not a specialist in care.
  • Claiming benefits. 4 out of 10 older people have unclaimed benefit entitlement
  • Organise you home – Whether you are looking to make alterations or just need help with decluttering and organising your home
  • Confused by the jargon – for example; are you a ‘self-funder’, should you be paying for your care?
  • Making Plans for the future – Not wanting or needing care just now but would like to know what services there are available to help you stay at home and independent for as long as possible. Making a Power of Attorney or Will and need some help
  • Following the loss of a love one – It can come as a shock to family following a bereavement just how much the person who has passed was doing for their partner or spouse and it is clear that some help needs to be put into place. Not easy if there is a lack of acceptance or willingness to pay…

Arranging care for a loved one without any time or previous experience of care and benefit system can be confusing.

Our advice and support will help you to save time and money by explaining:

     – Care and housing options
     – NHS Continuing Healthcare eligibility
     – Local Authority charging
     – Welfare Benefits entitlement
     – Paying for your own care

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